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Xzone Pro Series 6" True Center Stick

Xzone Pro Series 6" True Center Stick

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6" X Zone True Center Stick: The Ultimate Bass Fishing Lure

Discover the unmatched versatility of the 6" X Zone True Center Stick, a top-rated bass fishing lure. Whether you prefer Texas rigging, wacky rigging, flipping, pitching, or swimming techniques, this bait excels in a variety of fishing conditions. It's an essential lure for anglers looking to increase their catch rate, perfect for both professional tournament fishing and recreational angling.

Superior Design with X Zone Scent Formula

Crafted for success, the X Zone Pro-Series True Center Stick is infused with the exclusive X Zone Scent Formula. This super salty, super soft stickbait is designed to entice bass and other predatory fish, ensuring they hold onto the bait longer for improved hook-up chances. Its enhanced taste and feel are critical for detecting bites and setting the hook effectively.

Innovative "Wacky Zone" for Perfect Rigging

The True Center Stick features a unique "WACKY ZONE" - a marked area that indicates the true center for flawless wacky rigging. This innovative design guarantees a perfectly balanced presentation, crucial for successful wacky rigging techniques.

Enhanced Vibration for Lifelike Movement

Its raised ribbed body design is engineered to create more vibration underwater, offering a subtle yet lifelike action. This feature makes the lure irresistible to bass, especially in heavily fished waters, enhancing your fishing experience in different environments.

Optimal for Various Techniques and Rigs

This versatile lure is ideal for:

  • Texas Rigging: Effective for navigating through weeds and heavy cover.
  • Wacky Rigging: For a natural, enticing fall that mimics real bait.
  • Neko Rigging: Adds an intriguing action to the lure.

Essential for Every Bass Angler's Tackle Box

With a range of colors to match any fishing condition, the 6" X Zone True Center Stick is a must-have for bass fishing enthusiasts. Whether participating in bass tournaments or enjoying a day on the lake, this bait is designed to meet the needs of anglers at all levels.

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents