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Xzone Pro Series 3" Stealth Invader

Xzone Pro Series 3" Stealth Invader

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Introducing the Stealth Invader 3" by X Zone Lures

Elevate your fishing game with the new 3-inch Stealth Invader, a finesse-style bait expertly crafted by X Zone Lures. This innovative lure is designed to imitate a variety of forage fish, including Goby, Shiner, Chub, and Fat Head Minnow, making it an essential tool for anglers across the nation. Its versatile shape is ideal for attracting popular game fish like Bass and Spotted Bay Bass 

Unique Inverted Paddle Tail Design

The Stealth Invader stands out with its inverted paddle tail design. This feature ensures maximal movement and action, independent of retrieval speed. The tail's unique design allows for a dynamic kicking motion at both slow and high speeds. This flexibility lets anglers adjust their presentation to match the feeding patterns and moods of targeted fish.

Optimized for Various Techniques

The lure's special composition maintains a horizontal position in the water, perfect for drop shot techniques. Additionally, it is designed to keep the tail elevated from the lake floor during bottom contact presentations, enhancing its appeal to fish.

The Stealth Invader is particularly effective with the following popular techniques:

  • Drop Shot: For precise positioning and subtle movements.
  • Ned Rig: Ideal for a minimalist approach with a focus on subtlety.
  • Ballhead Rig: Offers unique movement with its round head design.
  • Damiki Rig: Perfect for vertical jigging, especially in colder waters.
  • Finesse Jig Trailer: Enhances action when added to a finesse jig.

A Must-Have for Every Angler

Whether you're targeting Bass or Spotted Bay Bass, the Stealth Invader is a versatile lure that adapts to various fishing conditions and techniques. Its unique design and action make it a valuable addition to any angler's tackle box.

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents