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Xzone Pro Series 3.5" Pro Series Mini Swammer

Xzone Pro Series 3.5" Pro Series Mini Swammer

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X Zone Pro Series Mini Swammer: A Revolution in Finesse Swimbait Fishing

Step up your finesse fishing game with the X Zone Pro Series Mini Swammer, a unique and highly developed swimbait in today's market. This exceptional lure combines innovative design with lifelike action, making it a standout choice for discerning anglers.

Innovative Design for Realistic Action

The Pro Series Mini Swammer features soft curved ribbed sides and a unique three-dimensional paddle tail. Its compact keel-shaped body ensures lifelike movement and enticing action in the water. This design is perfect for mimicking the natural behavior of small baitfish, making it irresistible to predatory species.

Versatile for Finesse Techniques

Ideal for a wide range of finesse applications, the Mini Swammer can be effectively used at any level of the water column. It excels when rigged on shakey heads, football heads, swim jigs, umbrella rigs, vibrating jigs, and both weighted and non-weighted swimbait hooks. Its versatility allows for adaptation to various fishing conditions and techniques.

Tail Design for Bottom Feeding Imitation

The special design of the Mini Swammer enables its tail to stand upright, mimicking a bottom-feeding minnow or baitfish when used on a football or shakey head. This feature is especially effective when presenting the lure near the bottom, appealing to species such as bass and walleye.

Optimal for Multiple Techniques and Rigs

This swimbait is particularly effective with the following techniques:

  • Swim Jig: Ideal for a controlled, steady retrieve.
  • Vibrating Jig: Enhances the natural vibration of the bait.
  • Straight Retrieve: Perfect for a consistent swimming action.
  • Jigging: Effective for vertical presentations, especially in deeper waters.

Recommended Rigging Methods:

  • Underspin: Adds flash and vibration for attraction.
  • Swimbait Head: For precise depth control and stability.
  • Swimbait Hook: Versatile for various presentations.
  • Swim Jig Trailer: Enhances jig action with added movement.
  • A Rig (Alabama Rig): For a multi-lure presentation.
  • Football Head: Ideal for bottom-oriented techniques.

Ideal for Targeting a Variety of Species

The Mini Swammer is excellent for catching Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and Redfish. Infused with the exclusive X Zone Scent and superfine salt, this swimbait encourages fish to bite and hold on, improving your hook-up ratio.

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents