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Warbaits Neck Breaker Camo

Warbaits Neck Breaker Camo

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Warbaits "Neck Breaker" in the stealthy Camo color, a premium swim jig that's been meticulously designed for anglers who demand both subtlety and efficiency in their fishing lures. This innovative jig combines Warbaits' renowned "Neck Breaker" design with a natural camouflage color pattern, offering an unmatched level of realism that's perfect for targeting wary fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

The "Neck Breaker" features an advanced articulated head, allowing for a fluid, lifelike movement that closely mimics the swimming action of real baitfish. This realistic presentation is further enhanced by the Camo colorway, blending seamlessly into a variety of aquatic environments to surprise and attract predator species without alarming them.

Available in two sizes, 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz, the Camo "Neck Breaker" swim jig is versatile enough to adapt to different fishing conditions and techniques. Whether you're casting into heavy cover for largemouth bass or fishing rocky bottoms for saltwater trophies, this swim jig provides the perfect balance of size and subtlety to increase your success rate.

The Camo "Neck Breaker" by Warbaits is not just a lure; it's a tactical advantage for anglers who understand the importance of blending in. Its camouflage pattern, combined with the proven effectiveness of the "Neck Breaker" design, makes it a formidable tool in any fishing arsenal.

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents