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VMC Tokyo Rig HG WG XLS 5" Shank

VMC Tokyo Rig HG WG XLS 5" Shank

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Revolutionize your approach to bass fishing with the VMC Tokyo Rig HD WG XLS, a formidable tool designed to enhance your performance in heavy cover. This setup stands out with its heavy-duty wide gap hook and an extra-long 5" stainless steel dropper arm, providing unmatched versatility and strength. The rig's unique design, featuring a one-piece solid ring connected to a rolling swivel, allows for free movement of your bait, presenting an irresistible action to fish. The VMC Tokyo Rig HD WG XLS excels in thick vegetation and other challenging environments, elevating soft baits off the bottom to catch the eye of lurking bass.

Key features include:

  • A heavy-duty wide gap forged hook for maximum strength, ensuring reliable hooksets even with the biggest bass.
  • A 5" stainless steel dropper arm for customized rigging, allowing you to adjust the setup according to your needs.
  • The rig is designed for easy insertion of your preferred weights or bead combinations, which can be securely held in place with a simple bend of the shaft using narrow nose pliers.
  • This rig is specifically optimized to offer the best action for soft plastic creature baits, swimbaits, and more, making it a versatile choice for various fishing techniques.

The VMC Tokyo Rig HD WG XLS offers a cutting-edge solution for anglers targeting big bass in heavy cover. Its durable construction and innovative design guarantee effective presentations and high hooking rates, setting a new standard in bass fishing rigs

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents