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VMC Boxer Jig Blue Gill

VMC Boxer Jig Blue Gill

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Unleash the ultimate swim jig performance with the VMC Boxer Jig in Blue Gill, available in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 oz sizes. Designed for versatility and effectiveness, the VMC Boxer Jig combines a lifelike presentation with unmatched durability, making it the perfect choice for anglers targeting bass in a variety of conditions. The jig's unique head design offers a stable, boxing stance upon contact with the bottom, minimizing snags while maximizing action.

When paired with the Crush City Mayor or Crush City Freeloader swimbaits, the VMC Boxer Jig transforms into an irresistible combo for big bass. These soft plastic companions add a level of realism and swim action that's hard to beat, mimicking the natural movement of prey to trigger aggressive strikes. The color pattern of the Blue Gill variant ensures a realistic baitfish imitation, appealing to the visual instincts of predators.

Ideal for both novice and experienced anglers, this swim jig setup excels in versatility. Whether you're fishing shallow cover, grass lines, or open water, the VMC Boxer Jig can be retrieved in a straight line or jigged off the bottom, offering a presentation that bass can't ignore. Its heavyweight build allows for longer casts and deeper water penetration, while the high-quality hook ensures secure hooksets.

Elevate your swim jig game with the VMC Boxer Jig in Blue Gill. Its proven design, combined with the seductive action of Crush City swimbaits, makes it a lethal tool in any angler's arsenal. Target big bass with confidence and watch as the VMC Boxer Jig becomes a cornerstone in your successful fishing adventures.

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents