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VMC Boxer Blue Shad

VMC Boxer Blue Shad

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Elevate your fishing game with the VMC Boxer Jig in Blue Shad, available in the optimal weights of 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 oz to suit all your swim jig needs. This swim jig is expertly crafted to offer an unparalleled fishing experience, combining a natural look with exceptional performance that's sure to attract big bass in various aquatic settings. The unique head design ensures it maintains a stable posture upon hitting the bottom, reducing snags and enhancing bait action, mimicking a fleeing shad to perfection.

Pairing the VMC Boxer Jig with either the Crush City Mayor or Crush City Freeloader swimbaits turns this jig into an irresistible force. These swimbaits complement the jig's action by providing an added layer of realism, their swim patterns perfectly emulating live shad movements. The Blue Shad colorway is especially effective, closely resembling the appearance and swimming action of real shad, a staple in the diet of predatory bass.

The versatility of the VMC Boxer Jig in Blue Shad shines through in any fishing scenario. Whether you're working through heavy cover, along weed lines, or over open water, this swim jig setup can be effectively used in a straight retrieve or jigged off the bottom to entice bites. Its weight options allow for adaptability in casting distance and depth, ensuring you reach where the bass are hiding. With a premium hook for guaranteed hooksets, this jig-swimbait combo promises to be a game-changer in your fishing technique, offering the lifelike action and durability you need to land more bass on every trip.

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents