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Strike King

Strike King 5XD Crankbait

Strike King 5XD Crankbait

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Discover the unparalleled performance of the Strike King 5XD Crankbait, a standout in the world of deep-diving crankbaits. This lure is part of the renowned XD series from Strike King®, a series that has revolutionized the deep crankbait category with its innovative design. The unique curved bill of the 5XD enables it to dive deeper and faster than traditional crankbaits, allowing anglers to reach those elusive deep-water fish with unprecedented ease.

The Strike King 5XD sets itself apart by offering a combination of speed and depth that transforms your fishing experience. This crankbait is meticulously engineered to penetrate the depths where trophy fish reside, making it a vital tool for serious anglers. The XD series has established a new benchmark for deep-running crankbaits, and the 5XD is a prime example of this legacy.

With the Strike King 5XD, you're not just casting a lure; you're wielding a carefully crafted instrument designed to enhance your deep water fishing adventures. Embrace the innovation and performance that the Strike King 5XD Crankbait offers, and prepare to elevate your fishing game to new depths

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents