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Strike King

Strike King 3XD Crank Bait

Strike King 3XD Crank Bait

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Strike King 3XD Crank Bait - a revolutionary addition to the deep-diving crankbait market. This lure stands out in the vast ocean of deep divers thanks to its innovative curved bill design. The ingenious shape of the XD series bill allows this crankbait to dive deeper and faster than ever before, redefining the standards of deep diving lures.

Weighing in at a precise 7/16 ounce, the Strike King 3XD is engineered for optimal casting and depth control. Its ability to reach depths of 10+ feet effortlessly makes it an essential tool for targeting those hard-to-reach bass lurking in deeper waters.

Strike King, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the fishing industry, brings this game-changing crankbait to anglers seeking an edge. The 3XD's unique bill design, combined with its substantial diving depth, offers a distinct advantage in any deep water fishing scenario. Elevate your fishing game with the Strike King 3XD Crank Bait and experience the thrill of reaching depths where the big ones hide

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents