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Rapala Crush City Clean Up Craw 7 Per Pack

Rapala Crush City Clean Up Craw 7 Per Pack

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Dive into success with the Rapala Crush City Clean Up Craw, a masterpiece designed by renowned pro fisherman Jacob Wheeler, celebrated for his achievements on the Major League Fishing tour. This game-changing lure combines Wheeler's extensive angling expertise with Rapala's legendary craftsmanship to create the ultimate crawfish imitation, designed to conquer the competitive bass fishing scene.

The Clean Up Craw stands out for its lifelike details and unparalleled action, perfectly mimicking a fleeing crawfish in distress. Its unique claw design generates a fluttering motion on the fall and an enticing action on the retrieve, appealing to the predatory instincts of bass and compelling aggressive strikes. The lure's durability and flexibility are unmatched, thanks to premium materials that withstand the rigors of heavy cover and catch after catch.

Jacob Wheeler's insight into what makes an effective bass lure has been infused into every aspect of the Clean Up Craw's design, offering anglers a professional edge. Whether you're fishing tournaments or enjoying a day on the water, this lure promises to elevate your fishing experience, delivering unrivaled performance and reliability.

Make the Rapala Crush City Clean Up Craw a staple in your tackle box and leverage the expertise of Jacob Wheeler to master your waters. Its effectiveness, coupled with Rapala's commitment to quality, ensures that this lure not only meets but exceeds the expectations of discerning anglers aiming for their next big catch.

7 Per Pack 

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents