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Rapala Crush City 3" Mayor 8 Per Pack

Rapala Crush City 3" Mayor 8 Per Pack

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Unlock the potential of finesse fishing with the Rapala Crush City 3 inch Mayor, meticulously designed by pro angler Jacob Wheeler from the Major League Fishing tour. This premium soft bait is engineered for unmatched action and versatility, offering a realistic profile that bass can't resist. Jacob Wheeler's expertise has shaped the Crush City Mayor into a must-have lure for anglers seeking to elevate their game, combining a unique design with the effectiveness required to thrive in competitive fishing environments.

Whether you're competing on the MLF tour or enjoying a day on the water, the Crush City Mayor is your key to unlocking bites in tough conditions. Its design by Jacob Wheeler adds a level of professional insight and performance that sets this bait apart from the rest. Incorporate the Crush City Mayor into your finesse arsenal and experience the difference that professional design and quality can make in your fishing success.


8 Per Pack 

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents