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Googan Squad

Googan Bandito Bug 4" 7 Per Pack

Googan Bandito Bug 4" 7 Per Pack

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Experience the game-changing action of the Googan Bandito Bug 4-Inch Soft Baits, meticulously designed by legendary angler Scott Martin. This set features five vibrant colors, each engineered to provoke aggressive strikes from bass in a variety of fishing conditions. The Bandito Bug’s unique design and patented Googan Squad appendages ensure a thumping swim action that is irresistible to predatory fish.

  • Green Pumpkin: A natural, versatile color that mimics real-life prey, perfect for clear water conditions.
  • Flamin' Hot: A vibrant red and orange blend that stands out in murky waters, ideal for catching the eye of bass in stained environments.
  • Summer Craw: A dynamic mix of bright yellow and green, excellent for sunny days and vegetative areas.
  • Alabama Craw: A realistic crawfish imitation with a mix of red and brown hues, great for mimicking the natural prey found in various waters.
  • Pearl: A subtle yet effective color for low light conditions or when bass are feeding on shad.

Each Bandito Bug features patented Googan Squad appendages that provide a thumping swim action. Whether flipped, pitched, or used on a Carolina rig, these soft baits are sure to make your time on the water both productive and exciting. Perfect for both novice and experienced anglers looking to elevate their fishing game.

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents