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Basstix Flash Trix 3" 6 Per Pack

Basstix Flash Trix 3" 6 Per Pack

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Experience the precision and effectiveness of the Basstix Flash Trix 3 inch, expertly crafted for the discerning bass fisher. Perfect for both competitive and recreational anglers, this smaller size lure is designed to target finicky fish with its realistic motion and detailed texture.

  • Enhanced Durability: Constructed from premium, flexible plastic, the Basstix Flash Trix offers exceptional longevity and resistance to wear, even after numerous catches.
  • Life-like Details: Each lure boasts intricate details and a realistic texture that closely mimics live bait, enticing even the most cautious bass.
  • Color-Specific Benefits:
    • [Color Name]: Best used in [describe typical conditions or scenarios for the color, e.g., "overcast conditions to simulate small baitfish" for Shad Spawn].
  • Flexible Rigging Options: This versatile lure can be effectively rigged in various styles including weightless, Texas, Carolina, or drop shot to adapt to changing fishing conditions.
  • Target Species: Primarily aimed at bass, but also effective for catching a variety of predatory fish.
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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents