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VMC Swinging Ned

VMC Swinging Ned

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VMC Swinging Ned Rig in vibrant Chartreuse, a game-changer for anglers pursuing bass and other gamefish. This innovative setup combines the proven effectiveness of the Ned Rig with the added action of a swinging hook, making it an irresistible target for fish. The Chartreuse color, known for its high visibility in various water conditions, ensures that your lure stands out, attracting attention even in murky waters or low-light conditions.

The VMC Swinging Ned Rig features a precision-crafted lead head that's perfectly balanced to give your soft plastics a more natural, lifelike movement through the water. This unique design allows the bait to glide and bounce with a seductive action that mimics wounded prey, triggering instinctual bites from predatory fish. The addition of the bright Chartreuse color enhances this effect, making your lure impossible to ignore.

Perfect for targeting pressured fish or when fishing in clear water, the Chartreuse VMC Swinging Ned Rig offers a subtle yet effective presentation that can make the difference on tough days. Its lightweight design is ideal for slow presentations, keeping your bait in the strike zone longer and enticing wary fish to bite.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, the VMC Swinging Ned Rig in Chartreuse is a must-have in your finesse fishing arsenal. Pair it with your favorite soft plastic Ned bait to maximize its effectiveness. This rig is not only a proven bass catcher but also versatile enough to target a variety of species, making it a versatile tool for any fishing condition. Experience the difference on your next fishing trip with the VMC Swinging Ned Rig and watch as it becomes a critical component of your finesse fishing strategy.

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Prop 65 Warning for California Residents